EPS -Fire systems

Electrical fire alarm system (EPS) from German manufacturer JOB detectomat is used for preventive protection of buildings against fire automatically or by human factor expedite the transfer of information on the fire to persons designated to carry out firefighting, or actuated devices to prevent the spread of fire, or in the case carrying out fire hit. EPS has the character of an auxiliary device, which is based on addressable systems that allow rapid and precise identification of fire with the exclusion of false alarms. It is a fully certified systems meeting the criteria of the applicable European standards with a certificate accredited workplace Pavús which allows to install these systems in buildings. The current offer consists of two types of direct analogue exchanges (compact and modular solutions, with the possibility of networking control panel), addressable fire detectors and other alarms (sirens, beacons, manual buttons), conventional and special detectors with connection into the address system through the appropriate modules, certified fire cables and number of accessories.